Screaming Frenzy 2020 Pinot Gris

Screaming Frenzy 2020 Pinot Gris

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the vineyard:

Monarch Vineyard (Northern Oliver Site)

the nose:

Great Scott! That’s Grapey in the best way. Honey do you Honey Dew? Some Cantaloupe vibes. Über fun (not the ride-share app).

the taste:

Summer Picnic Platter Melons & Lemon pie-filling. None of that nutty nonsense normally found here. Lil bit of nutmeg on the fringes.

technical data:

TA:6.2g/L, pH:3.35, Alc.:12.0%, RS:1.2g/L


the label: "Monkey Business" 

Another subtext fueled enigma really, an irreverent ode to icons historical, of present/perpetual nature and of this "monkey business" in summation. The stories the Friar of Flavour would weave, the tumultuous tales to be told if it were not for his monastic vow of silence and servitude to the greatness of Gris. What is left unsaid, says so much...or so they say...don't they say that?