Screaming Frenzy 2019 Pinot Noir

Screaming Frenzy 2019 Pinot Noir

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the vineyards: 

Hatch home-farm AKA Black Swift Vineyard

the region: 

West Kelowna AKA Home Sweet Home

the taste: 

"Love me tender" is the rule of thumb for these prolific grape-babies, given the utmost love possible. This Pinot resonates with all the magic dusty, dirty red cherry fruit synonymous with the varietal & a lovely bit of nostalgia with background notes of pencil shavings in elementary school. Medium bodied in spirit as is appropriate for such a thing, racy acidity for balance too. Aged just more than a year in 2nd-fill French oak.

technical data: 

T.A.: 6.5/litre, pH: 3.75, Alc.: 13.4%

the label: "The Big Three Pigs" 

Nice try! Not this time. Sometimes the most subversive bits of subtext stay just that...subtext best defined by your own wild imagination. Perhaps we just embrace our culinary sensibilities here & roll with the classic pairing of any and all Pinot wine and swine driven endeavour. For our frenzied veggie-driven friends, perhaps our swine comrades can just aid you in a quest for truffles or something of the like.