Screaming Frenzy 2019 Chardonnay

Screaming Frenzy 2019 Chardonnay

the vineyards:

Jagger Rock & Yarrow St.

the region:

 Golden Mile Bench & Similkameen Valley

the taste: 

New day, same conversation. “Hey Mom, remember when Chardonnays were flavourful and had texture? No, neither do I, but we’ve made one that totally does.” She didn't before, but she does now! Frenzy Chard is about upfront silkiness and a full frenzy of flavour. If you don't think you like Chardonnay, than you haven't had the right one yet. This is the one for you! Balanced oak, vanilla & the most splendid Cinnamon/Nutmeg-esque spice. Soft acidity. Sexy, sexy stuff. It makes your taste buds come alive!

technical data: 

T.A.: 6.2, pH: 3.59, Alc.: 11.9%

the label: “the hatchling”

Screaming Frenzy was created around the same time as the hatch. In fact, where the hatch is today was where Black Swift and Screaming Frenzy were going to call their home. Things changed though and as we started to incubate the concept of the hatch, we knew it was a better home for that concept to roost. However, we always knew that Black Swift and Screaming Frenzy were going to "fly the coop" and become their own mighty entity. It was all a part of the plan, and for fun, we hid a message on this very label. Screaming Frenzy and Black Swift are what is inside that very egg, the cracks on the surface signify an imminent “hatching”. Apparently, our kind of egg takes a long time to incubate, but we can finally say that the wait is over. This is the year of the hatchling. We successfully broke through that little shell & opened the doors to the newest of nests up the road on Boucherie.