Screaming Frenzy 2018 Meritage

Screaming Frenzy 2018 Meritage

the vineyards: 

Jagger Rock & Desert Valley

the region: 

Similkameen Valley & Golden Mile Bench

the taste: 

This large lumbering beast hits hard with ripe cherry, cloves & a whole other "Lazy Susan's" worth of spice. There's a lingering, long finish leaving you with notes of vanilla, licorice, and savory chocolate. Its velvety smooth texture and soft tannin structure go perfect with hard cheeses, grilled steak, or rack of lamb (any and all carnivorous intentions really), just like any good Dino should! Starring: Merlot 38%, Malbec 21%, Petit Verdot 19%, Cabernet Franc 14% & a gentle kiss from 7% Cabernet Sauvignon. Oak Habits: Hanging around in Neutral Oak Barrels with Inserts.

technical data: 

T.A.:5.9 g/litre, pH:3.87, Alc.: 13.6%

the label: "Dino-Sorry” 

Out with the old and in with the new! As polite as we Canadians tend to be at times, we love to tell it like it is and we know when to call a “hoser” a “hoser”, it's just that we always make sure to say we’re “sorry” after we do it. You see, as a country, we are relatively new to wine, but instead of welcoming us with open arms, the old relics of the past decided to oppress us with their “rules” for how things “need” to be done. But as our report cards show, we don’t exactly excel at following the rules. The time has come for a new breed of beast! As is organic nature of Canadians, we may push against the days & ways of old, but even amidst the pushing we remain so courteously and Canadian-ly apologetic to those we push against.