Screaming Frenzy 2017 Syrah

Screaming Frenzy 2017 Syrah

the vineyards: 

75% Hans Estate & 25% Monarch Vineyard

the region: 


the taste:

All the rugged dried dark fruit peppered in amidst a background of black pepper, savoury/meaty gumption and dark chocolate.  Hatched in 80% Pure Minnesotan American Oak Barrels, 20% Tight French Oak Barrels. Aged for 30 months.  Great with a leg of lamb or even better, ground sausage meat cased into a tube-like shape served hot in a bun. Covered it in mustard or the condiment of your choosing, whatever gets you through this frenetic “dog-eat-dog” world of ours.

technical data: 

T.A.: 6.4g/L, pH: 3.72, Alc.: 14.6%

the label: “The Waltzing Wallabeagle”

You might think that the image of a German “Pale Eagle” riding along in the pouch of a yellow footed wallaby is a “tale” created by someone with an overactive imagination, but you would be gravely mistaken. This predatorial team-up dubbed the “Wallabeagle” invaded our shores at the turn of the century and upon their arrival wreaked havoc on the local fauna. To date, the devastating duo’s only natural predator seems to be the Barefooted Gigantopithicus-Bynum, a natural mammalian pest with origins out of California.