2014 'Pinecrest Vineyard' Chardonnay

2014 'Pinecrest Vineyard' Chardonnay

Nesting Place: Pinecrest Vineyard R.I.P

This highly vaunted vineyard site is unfortunately no longer in existence, in a tragic turn of events this piece of Okanagan wine history has been torn of the soil. Planted in 1974, making Pinecrest some of the oldest Chardonnay plantings within this ethereal landscape. This immaculate 4 acre block of Chardonnay was planted & managed by the hands of an enigmatic, boisterous gentleman named Franco & his wife. Rooted in deep layers of Clay & Sand, boasting high elevation/Northern aspect tucked the switchbacks of Glenrosa in Westbank. A combination of soil structure & positioning creates an incredible environment for balanced ripeness & acidity. After the tragic passing of Franco's wife, the property was sold & has since been re-developed. What is life, If not marked by tragic circumstance on occasion?

The Wine & Moment in Time: 

This is the inaugural release of this incredible wine & our first singular expression of Chardonnay produced from the site. Until now, we have been tightly gripping this monumental bit of our winemaking history. 2014 was an exceptional vintage by nature, defined by early spring/growth & followed by a lengthy and consistently warm overall season. The vintage alone bred fruit of remarkable structural balance, treading the tight-rope of intense ripeness & a striking backbone of acidity. Based on initial impressions & rarity, we made the decision to hang on to this integral piece of our portfolio until Black Swift Vineyards took flight, as intended, as a stand-alone entity. Franco & Pinecrest Vineyards prolific legacy lives on within the confines of this bottle. 

To amplify character, depth & complexity, this vintage was fermented and aged for 14 months in a singular New French Oak puncheon. This wine exudes the ripest of baked Tree-Fruit, Baking Spice & Caramelized Sugar. 


If patience is truly a virtue, embrace your saintly self & exercise your most virtuous existence. The current expression will leave you speechless, but there are many, many years of life left within. Imbibe now through 2027.