2014 'Long Road' Syrah

2014 'Long Road' Syrah

Nesting Place: "The Long Road"

"The Long Road" is ambiguous in nature,  a conceptually integral piece within the BSV portfolio & history. "The Long Road" is of many possible meanings, it has always been a reference to the long/winding road of Highway 97, the arduous path of viticulture & wine-growing, the potential lack of uncertainty within some of our vineyard partners "going the long road". In this case, the vineyard is situated in the sun-soaked desert climate of the East Osoyoos Bench. a sizeable acreage planted in 1999. Based on viti-cultural maturity, the site is organically conducive to breed magic within the bottle. "The Long Road" is defined by deep layers of glacially deposited Sand & more extreme diurnal swings in temperature. This specific vineyard iteration of "The Long Road" has certainly earned its ambiguous moniker. 

The Wine & Moment in Time: 

This time-travelling marvel marks the 2nd release of "The Long Road" Syrah. Based on both vineyard pedigree & the truly exceptional nature of 2014 as a vintage, this wine has the ability to continue to run the gambit of time. By nature, 2014 was a vintage unmarked by the varied plagues of Fire, Smoke or Floods. Defined by an early start to vine growth & a consistently warm/lengthy vintage on the whole, allowing for optimal ripeness in the sense of both sugar & phenolic/structural depth. 

In its youth, this expression of Syrah was opulent & intensely fruit driven, perhaps overwhelmingly so. The intensity of primary characteristics outweighed the sheer structural heft, weight & complexity lying beneath the surface. Now, the inherent savoury edges of Syrah & diverse spectrum of herbal character are equally in the forefront. 

Carefully fermented in steel & then aged for 20 months in American Oak barrels, half of which were new. 


This wine is mystifying, thrilling and still wild in  structural abundance. Lay to rest for as long as patience allows. Truly, truly magnificent juice, a reason to adore Syrah completely. Imbibe through 2028 & reap the rewards.