Red Bird-Gundy AKA Pinot Noir. 
2012 BSV Reimer Vy. Pinot Noir: Oh, to have a history is such a splendid thing. This expression of Pinot reaches back to the inception of Black Swift, 2012 was the inaugural vintage within our rare-bird portfolio & the vineyard has since migrated elsewhere. We’ve been coveting über limited quantities of this snapshot into our history for just such a purpose as this. Really, time is in the lead role of this picture...over the last series of years, all of the more nuanced & complex subtleties have taken the forefront. Defined presently by Earth, Enigma & Spice.
- Appetite Accompaniment: Pecorino Cheese
2018 Screaming Frenzy Pinot Noir: Hatched of the hatch AKA Home-Farm until now. Planted intermittently between ’82-’97 the bones are good here on a viticultural level. Allowing for Pinot more concentrated based on its own existence. Medium-bodied in spirt but a little edgier in execution. Just under 2 years in Neutral Oak breeds a Pinot that shines with dusty berry-fruit, a lil’ Smoke & Spice.
- Appetite Accompaniment: Smoked Salmon, Sweet Walnut, Arugula
2015 BSV Stones Throw Vy. Pinot Noir: Each & every vinous expression born of this vineyard is for Ron “The Man”, a defining character in the life if Mr. Parkes himself. Flown from a fascinating pocket of Northern Oliver, Stone’s Throw is lower in elevation than vineyards. Thusly creating a micro-climate conducive to dynamic Pinot. 2015 being a hot vintage would be an grand under-statement, pushing this to a bigger, spice focused expression.
- Appetite Accompaniment: Duck Salami, Roasted Beet, Dill
2016 BSV Stones Throw Vy. Pinot Noir: Hatched in honor of “The Man”. A most classic expression of Pinot. The glorious micro-climate of the vineyard compounded by more moderate temperatures in the vintage breeds a subtle, dusty, red-fruit driven nose & vibrance galore on the palate. Worth giving the utmost patience & adoration for another 7 years to evolve into its best self.
- Appetite Accompaniment: Roasted Fennel & Mushroom
2016 BSV Palo Solara Vy. Pinot Noir: Flying in from an ethereal little Pinot block is East Kelowna. Surrounded by other vaunted Pinot Houses, Palo Solara is a vineyard worthy of prominence amongst its peers. Well sloped, defined by gravel & clay and by existence, is well suited to Pinot that exudes the enigmatic funk that is synonymous with truly intriguing expressions.
- Appetite Accompaniment: Chicken Liver Pate, Black Tea Gel

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