Investigative Bird-Gundian Adventures
During what is traditionally migratory season, we have carefully crafted exploratory tasting endeavors for your pleasure. Focusing on our most revered vineyards & vintages, across space & time and fine wines both previously magic and presently promising. 
 The Nest
White Bird- Gundy AKA Chardonnay
2019 Screaming Frenzy Chardonnay: Thusly was hatched a new frenzied friend. The Frenzy Chard is, by design, the most subdued member of the Chard flock. Hatched of ’19 in Jagger Rock vineyard in the Similkameen. Warmer temperatures push this early bird to a riper, more fruit dominant side of the spectrum. Fermented in Stainless, American Oak contact for 8 months to fatten-up the mouthfeel & add that lovely Vanilla bit in the background.
- Edible Bite: Pineapple Cornbread ‘Cake’
2016 BSV Hart St. Chardonnay: A hyper limited re-release from the Nest Vault. Hart St. is a dynamic one-off from a bygone era of our past. Hatched of our formerly Northern most growing partner on the cusp of Lake Country. A cooler micro-climate & heavily mineral laden soil composition allowed for this singular expression of UnOaked Chablis-esque magic to come to fruition. Entirely fermented in Steel, this is a historical outlier vs. the rest of our line-up.  Flinty backbone, Racy acidity & given time in the bottle has become a textural marvel.
- Edible Bite: Upper Bench King Cole Blue Cheese 
2016 BSV Melville Vy. Chardonnay: Flying in from a miniscule & meticulously managed ½ acre vineyard site on the cusp of Peachland & Summerland. Lying on the shores of Lake Okanagan, defined by heavy clay & gravel soil structure. Location allows for a balanced yet rich expression of Chard, fermented & aged just under 2 years in Neutral Oak in hopes of letting the fruit express itself in an honest & unadulterated sense. Dried Straw, Tree-Fruit & Funky Intrigue.
- Edible Bite: Corn Custard, Smoked Almonds
2017 BSV Melville Vy. Chardonnay: Born of a nominal ½ acre vineyard on the cusp of Peachland & Summerland. Moderating lakefront air currents & temperatures create a unique microclimate aiding in acid retention. ’17 in nature was a long vintage, extended hangtime allows for a surprisingly lush mouthfeel & fruit focus. A semi-oxidative style & 18 months fermentation/aging in Neutral Oak has pushed this Chard to a point of dynamic differentiation between Nose & Mouth.
- Edible Bite: Poached Prawn, Coconut Curry, Chili
2016 BSV Oak St. Chardonnay: Hatched of the noteworthy Golden Mile between Oliver & Osoyoos. Desert climatic conditions & heavy diurnal swings between day/night breeds an expression dripping in weight & opulence. Fermented & aged over 14 months in all new French Oak puncheons allow for a Chardonnay heavily defined by rich, barrel driven mouthfeel. Fruit & acidity in harmony allow the Oak to shine without being overwhelming.
- Edible Bite: White Bean Salad, Smoked Lardo, Truffle. 

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