Screaming Frenzy 2022 Pinot Blanc
Screaming Frenzy 2022 Pinot Blanc

Screaming Frenzy 2022 Pinot Blanc

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The 2022 Pinot Blanc is like a playful tug of war between a garden of honeysuckles and a field of tangelos. The winner? Your taste buds, which will revel in its clean, light, and zesty character. With enough acidity to make your mouth pucker like a cat's behind, this wine is sure to leave you feeling alive and refreshed.

the vineyard: 

the hatch home-farm AKA Homestead

the nose:

Honeysuckle, tangelo

the taste:

Clean, light, higher acidity

technical data:

T.A.: 8.56g/L , pH: 3.12, Alc.: 11.3%, RS: 1.15g/L


the label: "The Big Three Pigs" 

Nice try! Not this time. Sometimes the most subversive bits of subtext stay just that...subtext best defined by your own wild imagination. Perhaps we just embrace our culinary sensibilities here & roll with the classic pairing of any and all Pinot wine and swine driven endeavour. For our frenzied veggie-driven friends, perhaps our swine comrades can just aid you in a quest for truffles or something of the like.