Screaming Frenzy 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

Screaming Frenzy 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

the vineyard:

Desert Valley Vineyard

the region:


the taste:

Tastes like the perfect day in your backyard. The nose is a balance of lemonade style citrus, tropical fruit & guava with just enough of a herbal/grassy hand-shake to make it stylistically proper. All the same brightness & tropical/citrus fruit follows though on the palate or  overall taste-bud tantalization. This one may be the greatest Savvy within our fine frenzy to have graced a glass.

technical data:

T.A.: 7.0g/litre, pH: 3.5, Alc.: 12.6%

the label: “2 Buck Shuck”

There are invasive species of bay dwelling Oyster's called “the kiwi” that pose a threat to the native Oyster population in Canada. Once they arrive, they slowly dominate the Oyster population, and commandeer the natural Ocean Shelf space. They also push cold water Oysters out of their natural habitat, grabbing the cold space for themselves and leaving no room for anything else. “But isn’t an Oyster an Oyster, what does it matter?” you might ask. Well, some people think that these Oysters, while still tasty, don’t give consumers the option of trying the multitude of different flavours that other Oysters offer. We just think that the water should be shared, so that every Oyster out their gets their due. Whatever the case is, we think that Oysters go very well with Sauvignon Blanc! This label is a tribute to that wonderful pairing, as well as an attempt to raise awareness over the Kiwi Oysters of the Bay.