Pinot in Particular...

Pinot in Particular...

Pinot, some may say is the perpetual "The Heartbreak Kid". Enigmatic & Elusive in stylistic expression, wildly diverse in pigment (Blanc, Gris, Noir) & capability. 

To capture this beguiling & often heartbreaking genus of grapes, "Pinot in Particular" is a sensational selection of SIX, yes, SIX! Different Incarnations of Pinot. Revel in its predilection towards peculiarity.

This Frenzied Family Tree is inclusive of: 

  • 2019 Black Swift Vineyards Pinot Blanc (Textural Magic of the home farm)

  • 2020 Frenzy Pinot Blanc (The Second Incarnation of Incredible Electricty)

  • 2020 Frenzy Pinot Gris (The Finest Friar of Flavour)

  • 2018 Frenzy Pinot Noir ( Quintessential BBQ Buddy/Companion)

  • 2016 Black Swift Vineyards "Stone's Throw" Pinot Noir (Beguiling & Glorious)

  • 2016 Black Swift Vineyards "Palo Solara" Pinot Noir (Nuance & Seduction)

Each carefully curated cardboard container will also include an individualized diatribe about "Pinot in Particular" & what makes this little minx so mysterious!