Screaming Frenzy 2019 Cabernet Franc

Screaming Frenzy 2019 Cabernet Franc

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the vineyards:

Dahliwal Family Extravaganza.

the region:


the taste:

A spine that runs sweet like “Chica Cherry Cola”, a Savage Garden of Black Cherries & Racy Red-Berry Fruit-bombs. Other birds may try & sing as sweetly, but they can’t as much as this Cab. can & does.

technical data: 

T.A.: it’s higher than you’d think. pH: present. Alc.: 12.2% RS: no thanks.

barrel things:

They met in France.

the label: “the king” 

Once upon a time, there lived a wicked king who ruled over the faraway kingdom of paper and beans. The King was a dour man known for his radical mood swings and lack of common sense. One day the Paper King found a goose who could lay golden eggs. The goose was just happy to be of any help and worked hard to please the King by continuing to lay many a gold egg. But the King was a paranoid man, and in his paranoia, he started to look at the goose and its golden eggs as something that could be used to help him become overthrown. In truth the Mad King of Paper & Beans fell into a trap of his own elaborate design until eventually a friendly frenzy of birds scooped him up taking him away to another far-off land…