Screaming Frenzy 2019 Syrah

Screaming Frenzy 2019 Syrah

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the taste

This brooding tipple gets better every dang time! Drinks like a bountiful mound of Black Cherry, Rambunctious Raspberry & a FULL Rainbow of Peppercorns. A Wild & Wonderful back/forth between Acid & Tannin. Great with a leg of lamb or even better, ground sausage meat cased into a tube-like shape served hot in a bun. Covered it in mustard or the condiment of your choosing, whatever gets you through this frenetic “dog-eat-dog” world of ours.

the story

Screaming Frenzy allows us a moment to scream playfully at this crazy wine industry, poking fun at its idiosyncrasies. This is reflected in our labels and our attitudes, we don’t take anything too seriously, especially ourselves. We started this frenzious journey nuzzled away in the warm and cozy nest at the hatch winery. It was a place we were very happy to call home. But every egg must leave the nest sometime and change is in the air! The cracks in our egg have begun to form into gaping holes and we can see daylight, signalling us that now is the perfect time to hatch. We sure will miss the nest!